The four worst words an editor can hear are "fix it in post."  These are also the four worst words for a budget.  This is becoming more and more problematic as video is being created from everywhere and on every device.  "Why can't I just shoot my commercial on the iphone?"  "You can, but the limitations that are created may not be worth the extra time and money it costs to fix things in post.   First off, that time of fixing costs money and most likely will be 10x what it would have been to just take care of it in the field.  Now that isn't to say that the ability post production has in correcting some errors in the field is not an important new ability we have, but it can be like putting lipstick on a pig.  We can dress it up, but at the end of the day the footage is the footage.  Certain things just can't be done in post.  Unfortunately, we can't make something in focus or make the lighting better or take something extremely over exposed and bring the information back.  Once I figure out teleportation these are high on my list of priorities, but until then hire a good cinematographer to get the best footage you can.